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As teachers and parents, you can never know enough about how to provide for and better understand the children in our care. The spectrum of learning barriers is extremely vast with recent developments in research being made constantly.With the help of my very good friend “Google”, as well as that of social media, I have stumbled upon many fascinating articles focused on learniimagesCALP6YRVng and behaviour difficulties written by both experts and teachers alike. Should you find any one of the featured articles particularly helpful, please feel free to share with fellow colleagues and parents who you feel could benefit from the information provided 🙂 🙂 :)Sharing is caring!


Below is a link to an interesting read from an amazing blog site. The spectrum of ASD disorders is so incredibly vast that it is at times  difficult to reach a specific diagnosis. Many of the children I come into contact with have been labelled as having “spectrum like behaviours” but what exactly does this mean and how is one able to detect the signs and symptoms of such behaviours? I stumbled across this article and found it to have been of great help:)

Aadhd-addDD/HD – whilst I certainly believe that medication has its place in the treatment of Attention Deficit Disorders, I also strongly feel that a healthy diet of the RIGHT foods and plenty of exercise goes a long way in both the avoidance of as well assist with the treatment of Attention deficit and Hyperactivity in both children and adults. I found the below articles so interesting and simple in outlining which foods to eat and which to avoid.

symptoms, diet and treatment of ADHD:

Healthy foods to assist with the treatment of ADHD:



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