About me


Feeling a desperate need steer myself in a different direction in education, I have recently embarked on an exciting yet somewhat daunting chapter in my career as a Remedial Education Teacher. Hence, my motivation for starting this blog.

Hi! I’m Stacey and I am a born and bred South African teacher who currently still lives and teaches in the cultural melting pot that is Johannesburg. Having completed my Honours, I  have embarked on my journey towards completing my Masters Degree in Inclusive Education. Filled with a renewed excitement and also fear, I hope to share my real life experiences, lessons learnt and dynamic classroom ideas with young aspiring and practicing teachers. Being in the position of teaching Remedial Ed, I have as much to learn from the little souls that enter my classroom as they have to learn from me. As the name of this blog indicates, teaching is about so much more than academic knowledge, marking and red pens…It is our job as educators to take our learners, and ourselves, on an empowering journey of growth that extends well beyond just the ordinary blackboard….

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