The greatest of these is LOVE

1 Corinthians 13

Possibly the greatest and most powerful definition of what it means to love, of what God intended love to be about. As teachers in our little corner of the world, we have a profound responsibility to influence and as I woke up this morning, this entire chapter was laid on my heart, which got me thinking….

We can have all the book knowledge in the world, but if it is not taught and passed on in a loving way, it is just that, knowledge.

We can have all the degrees, accolades and honorary titles to our names but if we remain boastful and self-seeking, striving for a worldly definition of success rather than to teach with a humble heart, then we fail to love.

We can have all the best resources at our disposal but if we are not inspired and motivated by love, lessons will simply be lessons, and the opportunity to really move and transport our children into a realm of the impossible made possible will be missed.

We can have deadlines to meet and schedules to follow, but if we do not slow down and demonstrate true patience we may never open ourselves up to the life lessons presented to us through the eyes of  struggling yet persevering young heart.

Within the confines of our four walls, and when we find ourselves stressed and under pressure, how often are we slow to anger and quick to love? As both teachers and lifelong students, the key is to remain humble in all things. Easier said than done right?

Kaylen Yoder says this;

When you live love out loud, you tell people they matter. When your life tells people they matter, you’re bound to make a much greater impact than you could ever imagine.

Love doesn’t care wh6014763afda967e06eed66b203d2405dether you are the top dog or the low man on the totem pole.

Love doesn’t care whether you failed the test or passed it with flying colors.

Love doesn’t care if you colour outside the lines or paint a masterpiece for all the ages.

The bottom line is this:

People don’t care how much you know. They just know how much you care.”


1 Corinthians 13 for Teachers

If I teach with the best educational techniques, and provide stimulating and motivational lessons,

but have not love,

I am but a time-wasting information processor.

If I spend hours preparing my lesson plans with the clearest instructional objectives,

but have not love,

I am just an over-organized ideologue.

If I utilize the most eye-catching visual aids and the latest classroom technology,

but have not love,

I am just a high-tech visionary.


A loving teacher is kind and patient with every student,

regards each student as an important individual,

and treats their personal problems with confidence.

A loving teacher does not merely talk at, but relates to, the students,

and provides a exemplary model of life to those in the classroom.


A teacher’s love is not condescending,

does not play favorites,

does not gossip,

does not publicly humiliate,

is not easily agitated or discouraged,

and does not blow-up or give-up on misbehaving students.


A teacher’s love bears the responsibility of instruction,

Believes that student’s minds should not be wasted,

Hopes that every student will achieve their potential,

and endures all disturbances in the process.


The latest text-books will soon be out-of-date.4131e37a526689b901c1eb48f5e804d8

Contemporary teaching methods will become outmoded.

Educational technology is obsolete before we know it,

but a loving teacher can affect a student’s life forever.


Now abideth preparation, instruction, and love,

But the greatest of these is a teacher’s love

that seeks the highest good of the students.

~ Jim Fowler


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