Reflection time…

I survived!!!!

It is with a huge sigh of relief and resounding sense of accomplishment that I am able to say that I have successfully survived my first term as a Remedial Education teacher. With an entirely new school and new class, I was undoubtedly faced with a mountain of new challenges. However,having made a promise to myself to make this move work, I began the year with a drastic change of heart, and in return, found myself again. I say this because as I am writing this, I feel re-energized, content, and most importantly, INSPIRED!

Those closest to me know that I am a firm believer in following God’s call for your life and growing where you are planted. Desperate for a change, for a re igniting of dwindling flame within myself, I took possibly the biggest leap of faith in my young teaching career thus far and walked through the door of opportunity presented to me…a fairly unfamiliar looking door that would lead me in an entirely different direction. Has it been scary? HECK YES! Have I felt the pressure? WITHOUT A DOUBT! Do I have any regrets…reflecting on all that I have accomplished, NOT IN THE LEAST!

I will be entirely honest and say that in the beginning I certainly felt the pressure to inspire and motivate the 12 little souls entrusted to me. I started off with all the preconceived notions that because they have been placed in a remedial school, many of whom have been taken out of the mainstream environment and re placed, that they have come to be labelled by others and by themselves as the “misfortunate ones”, the “they will not survive ones” and the “just do what you can ones”. Thankfully I was mistaken! For in fact, it is in the smiles and determination of each one of them that I have in fact found my inspiration.

Whilst there is no denying that the challenges each one of them faces seems gigantic to most, to them, it is simply something we will work through to overcome, one step at a time. From Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD and performance anxiety, to depression and unimaginable family trauma…the culmination of challenges in my classroom and the ability to persevere despite the odds has deeply touched me. So much so that I feel driven to be the best I can be so that they can receive the best because truth be told, I know that as a young teacher I have so much enthusiasm, creativity and passion within in me…but somewhere amidst the large class sizes, poor parental support structure, tireless marking and paper chasing, I found myself lost.

In varsity we were taught that a vital key to effective teaching is the ability to self reflect, to self criticize and to adapt each lesson accordingly. One of the hardest yet most humbling things I have had to do was to look deep within myself and admit that I was doing something wrong. To admit that I had allowed all the negative energy surrounding the challenges of public education cloud my judgement and let it effect me to such an extent that I was no longer the teacher I had set out to be. I am by no means perfect and have many years of life lessons ahead of me but as I reflect on my journey thus far, I am proud to say that I am certainly on track to finding that teacher I set out be again. Each morning I enter my classroom with a sense of excitement and purpose, and as I smile at the empty desks knowing full well that as the bell goes they will be filled with the most remarkable little beings…I am at peace.




4 thoughts on “Reflection time…

  1. Hey Stacey,

    My name is Amy. I came to Northcliff Primary as a student teacher last year in September. Even though I didn’t officially meet you, I was so inspired by your joy and KNEW that kind of joy only came from God.

    This is so inspirational as I too just want to be lead by God wherever He takes me and to be pushed out my comfort zone to serve Him and the people he places in front of me.

    I hope that through this new journey you are taken to greater depth with Him and learn more about His character and love for you and your students!

    Keep up the great work! 🙂

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    • Hey Amy

      Oh my word, I think I remember you:)You were amongst the group of students that were at and helped provide for my farewell tea!
      Reading your message I am filled with tears and goosebumps. Knowing that someone was able to draw inspiration from my experience is exactly what I was wanting out of this blog, and the fact that you too express a desire to make a difference where ever God leads you makes this connection so much more meaningful. I am so deeply touched that you have remembered me and that even though we may not have connected much, I was able to have some kind of effect on your life. Your message has really just been the affirmation I have so prayed for and needed to continue with this blog and so, thank you!
      I trust that you have been called into teaching and will make a huge impact wherever you go x May you continue to go in faith x

      Kind regards



  2. Roxy says:

    This is awesome!! I have made the exact same move this year and also felt relieved knowing that I had done all I could’ve done at the end of the term! These kids are amazing! Somedays are better than others, but they inspire me to be better. Keep it up, not everyone can do what you’re doing!!

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    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read what I have to say, Roxy. I agree, some days are definitely better than others but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Please feel free to follow this blog and comment/share whenever you feel the need. Your contribution to this site is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work!


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